Professional years seldom offer sufficient time for long-range cruising how much we all could wish. In our younger days, weekly yacht club racings kept us wet, later replaced by crewing with boating friends in Asia. NORMA was our first GB experience owned by Norma and Frank; a wonderful GB49MY later replaced by a GB47EU. In 2009, we got our first GB factory new - Grand Banks GB47EU. Since then boating is our primetime hobby with many great days throughout South East Asia, Australia, Palau, USA, Canada and Denmark. We have lately upgraded to the very new Aleutian Class - Grand Banks 55RP; named LADY ALMA.

While I am also Grand Banks Yachts non-executive Chairman meanwhile; this is a separate matter from this private homepage. This site is motivated by our strong boating passion and profound appreciation of Grand Banks motoryachts in particular.   

Questions, comments and GB experiences may be directed to “heine@askaer.com”.

We do update our homepage as we go along and keep “old stories” accessible for those who wish to read more.

Happy Grand Banks yachting.

Bitten & Heine Askaer-Jensen


Read about Grand Banks product range and business at “www.grandbanks.com”.

International Association of Grand Banks Owners is great sharing with many local links.

Grand Banks Owners Club Scandinavia - if relevant to you. 


Boating, Grand Banks and the Askaer family